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Acupuncture & Cupping are some of the oldest methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Receive a free acupuncture or cupping evaluation today.


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Cupping and Acupuncture at Pain Management Center of Irvine

When you have pain or other health issues that do not get better after trying conventional treatment methods, acupuncture and cupping can help you find relief. These practices have been part of traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. At the Pain Management Center of Irvine, we offer these services to help you improve your well-being. Our cupping and acupuncture in Irvine are safe and effective forms of treatment for chronic pain and many other health issues.

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Irvine Acupuncture Services for Effective Relief

Acupuncture is an ancient form of treatment that has proven to be effective for relieving a wide range of health problems. These include acute or chronic pain, insomnia, digestive issues and more. This type of treatment works by ensuring that qi or the body’s natural energy is able to move about without any restrictions. Acupuncturists slide very thin needles into points on of body that are associated with certain health issues. These areas are where energy blockages occur. When the blockages are removed, energy can begin flowing once again, which helps ease symptoms.

Our leading licensed acupuncturist will conduct a comprehensive evaluation that in order to determine the source of pain. During these consultations, our specialist will also explain how acupuncture works in order to help patients feel more comfortable. Being at ease allows this treatment method to work more quickly.

Cupping Services in Irvine, CA

Cupping has also been used since ancient times for a variety of health issues. This method of treatment can be used for back pain, tense muscles, neck pain and pain in other areas of the body. It can also be used for other kinds of health issues, such as migraines and fatigue. Cupping involves placing glass cups on the skin in certain areas that are associated with energy blockages. These cups create suction that pulls muscles up toward the skin, causing negative pressure that helps relieve muscle tension and improves circulation. The cups can be moved around once they are correctly applied to the skin. Cupping helps correct imbalances or misalignments in the body’s flow of energy. Restoring the proper flow is believed to help relieve pain and other health issues.

Our licensed acupuncturist will perform evaluations on each patient that allow him to discover what is causing health problems. These evaluations provide information on where cups should be placed for the most effective treatment. Our leading experts offer patients a full explanation of how this form of treatment works and what they can expect from it. Cupping and acupuncture are both considered safe treatment methods as long as they are done by an acupuncturist with proper training. Keep in mind that cupping can be done alone or as part of a treatment plan that also includes acupuncture.

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If you have chronic pain, digestive issues, insomnia or other problems that are affecting your well-being, please contact the Pain Management Center of Irvine for an appointment. We can help you find relief with acupuncture, cupping or both.

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