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Liveyon Regenerative Medicine from Your Irvine Medical Team

At Pain Management Center of Irvine, our goal is always to treat the source of your symptoms for long-term relief and whole-body healing. If you’re living with pain, our Irvine chiropractic and medical team will work together to identify the cause and find an integrated solution that helps you heal. Because we provide targeted treatments that promote healing and balance throughout your whole body, one of our most innovative and important approaches is regenerative medicine. This medical approach, which revolves around harnessing your own body’s power to heal, includes regenerative medicine to treat inflamed or degenerating tissue.

Knee Pain

Dr. Adam Weissman leads our Regenerative Medicine treatments, and they all come from innovative companies that are pioneering new ways to harness the body’s own healing abilities. These therapies now include groundbreaking treatments by Liveyon, which are designed to relieve or reduce pain by promoting the re-growth of healthy new tissue cells. If you’re looking for a new method of pain management, learn how our patients benefit from Liveyon Regenerative Medicine.

Benefits of Regenerative Medicine for Pain Management

As Liveyon explains, you were “born with the ability to heal yourself”. But what does that mean, exactly? Well, Regenerative Medicine simply harnesses the unique ability of your body’s own cells used in regeneration . These cells were the earliest versions of all the adult cells in your body, so new regenerative cells have the genetic potential to become new tissue, bone, and other body parts. During Regenerative Medicine treatment, a medical doctor actually injects regenerative cells into the exact locations of specific injuries or degenerative conditions. Because these regenerative cells have been manipulated for therapeutic purposes, they should quickly develop into the cells you need to re-grow damaged tissue and recover from tissue loss.

Why We Offer Liveyon Regenerative Medicine

Your Irvine medical doctor and the rest of our wellness team want to make sure your Regenerative Medicine treatments are as safe and effective as possible. Fortunately, Liveyons standards are high too. The company’s tagline is “the future of regenerative medicine”. They exclusively use regenerative cells from umbilical cords because researchers have found that these cells are easier to obtain and more likely to expand into additional cells. That means you won’t have to undergo a painful extraction process or face rejection risks due to extra proteins. If you want a regenerative approach that can be customized for your unique body, consider Liveyon Regenerative Medicine in Irvine.

Conditions and Injuries We Treat with Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is an important part of our integrated treatment approach, especially for injuries and conditions that cause inflammation or degeneration. If you have chronic joint pain or back pain, your tissue may not be healing properly because cells are not re-growing at the proper rates. In order to kick-start your body’s natural healing process, we may recommend Liveyon Regenerative Medicine.

Some of the conditions we treat with Regenerative Medicine include:

Arthritis – This degenerative condition slows down the regrowth of crucial cells, but Liveyon Regenerative Medicine gives you a way to fight back, relieve pain, and regain mobility.

Back Pain – If your back pain is caused by an injured or inflamed disc, Regenerative Medicine may help heal damage and regenerate connective tissue. This allows your Irvine chiropractor to step in afterwards and correct the misalignment.

Sports Injuries – Many sudden and repetitive sports injuries cause so much inflammation and tension that the healing process slows down, but Liveyon can help restore mobility and strength.

Ask Your Irvine Doctor About Liveyon Regenerative Medicine

Are you interested in Regenerative Medicine from Liveyon? Ask your Irvine doctor about the benefits of regenerative medicine during your next visit. Call 949-857-4712 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Weissman at Pain Management Center of Irvine.

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