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How Whole-Body-Vibration Can Work For You

Whole Body Vibration
the fast (and low impact) route to a better body

The importance of movement for the maintenance of a healthy body is not a new concept, however, HyperVibe technology may be the answer for those looking to save time, move in a  low-impact way, or who can't complete conventional workouts.  Studies show that this vibration technology can even bring large benefits to seniors and diabetic patients!
What is it?

Whole-Body-Vibration is a mechanical form of exercise that is created by either standing on, or completing different exercises using the vibrating platform of a HyperVibe machine (our machine of choice)!  This machine is designed to bring different levels of vibration, movement, and gravitational force to the body, depending on the machine's settings and the exercises performed on it.  These features can offer substantial health benefits to many people, especially patients experiencing pain.

How Does it Work?

Pain can stem from prolonged stiffness and immobility, causing inflammation and an overall uncomfortable sensation in the body.  When the vibrating platform of a HyperVibe Machine is used, the body is automatically entered into movement patterns that are difficult to achieve using conventional exercise, and would require much higher impact exercises and strenuous activity.  This movement creates many therapeutic and strengthening benefits.

Benefits of Vibration Technology

Increased Strength, Flexibility, and Posture

When using Whole-Body-Vibration, Muscle strength, Bone Strength, Flexibility, and Posture can all be increased.  As the platform vibrates, the muscles begin to activate and react to this movement, creating heat and muscle-tone.  Results from HyperVibe users have shown an increase in muscle strength, and a decrease in body fat from using this technology!

When the gravitational force comes into action and applies pressure on the bones, they become more dense and therefore more strong- less prone to fracture or breakage.  Bones become brittle and weak in environments with little or no gravity, so the HyperVibe machine helps to ensure the skeletal system remains strong.  A strong bone structure can decrease the risk of injury or accidents (especially in Seniors).

Heat activation and muscle tension play a large role in the body's flexibility.   By mobilizing the body and therefore increasing the muscle temperature, flexibility can safely and substantially increase.  When flexibility and muscle tone increase, posture naturally follows suit.  A healthy muscular and skeletal system can work to bring the body back into alignment and good posture.
Increased Circulation and Blood Flow

Stagnant and stiff bodies can suffer from poor circulation, but aren't always equipped to complete conventional workouts such as running, weight-lifting, aerobics, or even walking.  There are some cases in which completing these exercises and exposing a fragile/weak body to these high-impact movements will worsen their condition.  Whole-Body-Vibration offers a safe and low-impact alternative for those unable to participate in traditional exercise so that they can stay mobile!  Completing simple exercises using the HyperVibe machine can increase blood flow and circulation.   Consult one of our professionals at the Pain Management Center of Irvine to find out how this technology can improve your overall health and condition, and to start your journey to wellness and a pain-free life!
Diabetic Patients

Did you know that Whole-Body-Vibration can help those with Type 2 Diabetes to increase their Glycemic Control?  In a recent study, two test groups completed different exercises in order to improve their overall health and condition.  In this 8-week study, the first group was instructed to complete 30-60 minute exercises, 3 times per week.  The second group completed 8-12 minute exercises using the HyperVibe Machine, 3 times per week.  Both groups showed an increase in their health, however the HyperVibe exercises required less time, less stamina, and were great for patients that could not endure high-impact exercise.

Read more about this study by clicking HERE
Are You Living in Pain?

Whole-Body-Vibration is worth a try!  Inviting motion into the body is therapeutic for the muscles and the mind, it feels great to be active and to simply move!  Not everyone is able to complete rigorous activity or conventional exercise (Seniors, Those in recovery from an Accident or Injury, etc.) and this is a great alternative to high-impact movement.  

Contact us at the Pain Management Center of Irvine to try Whole-Body-Vibration!