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Allergy Testing

Allergy Testing at Pain Management Center of Irvine

When you have allergy symptoms, it may be time to have some allergy diagnostic testing done so that you can figure out what is causing your allergies. Symptoms can make you feel sick, such as fatigue, nasal congestion, and coughing. Some people have such a strong reaction to allergens that they get a low-grade fever and feel extremely tired. As an allergy sufferer, it is useful to know how your symptoms can be treated so that you can feel better again.

Woman struggling with allergy symptoms.

Allergy Symptoms

If you are suffering from a stuffy nose that continues to run, or your nose feels itchy, this could be because of an allergen. Sometimes you may have a sneezing fit as your body tries to get rid of the allergens it has come in contact with. Itchy, watery eyes may also develop as your eyes come into contact with the allergens.

Headaches can begin once your nose is irritated and inflamed, while you may also start to cough trying to get rid of the allergens in your body. Some people can experience severe allergy symptoms that reflect the flu.

Why You Have Allergy Symptoms

When your body reacts to pollen from plants that are budding, it begins to treat the pollen as an attack on the body. While not everyone is allergic to pollen, if you are, you will start to get sick from the allergic reaction. When the wind is blowing, your symptoms may become more severe, as this is when pollen can spread easily. Staying indoors is sometimes your best defense when dealing with seasonal allergies.

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