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Benefits of Vitamin B Injections

What Are the Benefits of Vitamin B Injections?

The B vitamins are necessary nutrients for good health and proper bodily function. Getting B-12 & B6 injections in Irvine can make up for deficiencies in your diet or absorption problems. Extra vitamin B injected by your healthcare provider also offers additional wellness advantages for many people.

Woman gets vitamin b injections from her chiropractor in Irvine.

How the Body uses Vitamin B

Vitamin B is a water-soluble vitamin, not stored in your body, so a consistent supply is crucial. Vitamin B-12 & B6 injections in Irvine can help your body to:

  • Convert carbs into sugar to provide you with an energy boost and fight fatigue.
  • Maintain heart health by regulating homocysteine.  
  • Digest fat and break down protein for use in building muscle (B6, pyridoxine).
  • Produce brain neurotransmitters that affect mood and reduce stress.
  • Create red blood cells, which carry oxygen to the lungs and remove carbon dioxide from your system. Proper red blood cells are important to prevent anemia. (B12, cobalamin, cyanocobalamin).
  • Ensure proper central nervous system function properly function, preventing numbness/pins-and-needles sensations, balance problems, memory issues and even dementia (B12).
  • Achieve weight loss (B12).

Why consider Vitamin B Injections?

Injections are typically absorbed faster and better by the body and this method may also be more convenient for some patients than taking daily pills. The injections can be given in the upper hip, thigh or deltoid. Your doctor should determine the proper dosage for your individual needs through nutritional testing. Treatment may begin with larger doses, up to 2000 mcg. per day temporarily, then a maintenance dose monthly, for example.

Are There Side Effects to Vitamin B Injections?

Vitamin B, even at high dosages, is very safe when taken under medical professional supervision to avoid limiting absorption of certain medications and potential nerve damage. Side effects typically reverse if supplementation stops. Your doctor may advise you to take B-complex vitamins for balanced supplementation. 

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