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I'd like to encourage everyone who knows it is time to squarely address your health concerns to call the Pain Management Center of Irvine. Commit to making the phone call you know that you need to make! Your time with Dr. Letts and his staff will be worth it. I have been a regular for 16 years; I feel blessed and grateful for being supported with an integrative approach that has kept me healthy, strong, vibrant and pain free! Make time to address what needs to be evaluated when it comes to your health! You will be glad that you did! PMCOI will support you in every way possible! Their process is calming, restorative, preventative -- a wellspring of sound clinical guidance & knowledge that will make a lasting difference in your health.

- John Brantley

Dr. Letts is the best! I've been going to his clinic for the last two months after a car accident because of my neck injury. He has provided and continues to provide a holistic approach which decreased my pain tremendously. He treats you like family and provides support and understanding that I've never experienced or seen (I'm in the medical field)!! He has a great staff, the massage therapists (Emily and Bree) have been phenomenal! I highly recommend Dr. Letts and I'm very happy with his care and treatment.

-Allie Z.

The best medical care I have ever experienced was with Dr.Letts and his phenomenal team of experts at the Pain Management Center of Irvine.

Earlier this year I was in a severe freeway car accident that resulted in a concussion and VERY painful back and neck trauma; I was broken. The moment I arrived at the Pain Management Center of Irvine Dr.Letts and his team made me their top priority, truly world class service. After a thorough diagnostic that included X-rays and a CT scan they formulated a treatment plan that I will be forever grateful for.  I received massage therapy, acupuncture, adjustments and trigger point injections to help with the healing process.  They took no shortcuts and at no time did I feel they were rushing the process.  Today I am able to enjoy a normal healthy lifestyle due to the diligent care I received at the Pain Management Center of Irvine.  I would recommend their services to anyone who has been in an accident or is in pain.  They truly care about their patients.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything!

-Tyler K.

Pain Management has brought so much relief from my neck and back pain.  What stands out to me is the entire staff genuinely cares about my well being. I'm impressed that a team of practitioners makes decisions about my treatment. The chiropractors work with an acupuncturist, massage therapist, and a medical doctor/P.A.  Having so many professionals create a treatment plan. They all attack the pain from all arenas. It's an amazing approach that's working well. .  I've been to other chiropractors but that wasn't providing relief on its own. The ladies that check me in always smile and I was able to schedule appointments that fit my schedule. Appointments are set for the entire team of practitioners back to back so I get in and out quickly. I've been very impressed!

-Kim H.

My 3 year old daughter had a severe muscle spasm and we were told by other people there was nothing we could do for her... I brought her here to these amazing doctors and within 24 hours she was off pain medicine and could start moving her neck and arms again! By the end of the week (3 visits during that time) she was almost completely healed! So grateful for everyone on the team here that were able to help my daughter heal fast and we continue to bring her back for check ups here and she hasn't had a relapse!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

-Alena T.

Jul 16, 2018: Bottom line up front: This office has the concern and welfare of its patients as their top priority and will make every effort toward your physical rehabilitation. My story: I first visited the office after my spouse purchased a group-on for a consultation and two visits because of my concern with knee pain. Upon completion of my first visit, I was told that the office accepted Tricare, if I wished to continue care. I was referred for x-rays to get an assessment for the cause of the pain. The next visit, we went over the results and a recovery plan and was told I could not run for a while. My visits began in February. My physical limitations were lifted in late May and I started running again. I highly recommend this facility to Tricare members who seek rehabilitation from physical limitations. Be invested in the recovery process and ask questions. Take the wheel and start today.

-Timothy Johnson

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